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May 14

Best Mother’s Day Gift – 5 Tips to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible Moms. There is nothing more rewarding and gratifying than being a Mom, but that doesn’t come without the daily challenges. It’s a tireless job that we do not for praise or monetary benefits, but for the simple joy of watching our kids smile. As a mother myself, I […]

Dec 31

Happy New Year – Tips for a Better You in 2017

With the excitement of welcoming the new year ahead, we owe it to ourselves to reflect back on what was 2016. It’s a chance to look back and see how much we’ve grown both professionally and personally. We should be asking ourselves two things: Did we accomplish the goals we set, and more importantly, are […]

Sep 27

Bad Genes or Bad Habits: How Genetics Affect Your Teeth and Smile

Have you ever wondered how much genetics play in the overall look, feel, and make-up of your teeth? Of course there’s no disputing the fact that genetics have an influence in just about everything we seem to know like our eyes, hair, height, personality, metabolism – and the list goes on and on. So logically, […]

May 9

Gums Bleed, Thats What They Do

Gums bleed, that’s what they do. If you’re not into gum disease, you see a dentist. It’s what you do. Okay, so we’re just having a little fun with the popular Geico Insurance themed commercial. But in all seriousness, if your gums bleed, continue reading. Are Your Gums Bleeding There’s a very good chance you’ve […]

Mar 8

Milk Does a Cavity Good?

You’re probably thinking, isn’t it supposed to be, Milk Does a Body Good? Yes, that’s the familiar slogan. In fact, milk is great for the body, especially for growing kids because of the calcium, proteins, and natural vitamins that it packs in a single glass. Calcium for example, is a major player in the building […]

Feb 18

E-Cigarettes: Effects of Vaping on Your Oral Health

With the popularity of e-cigarettes or “vaping” picking up plenty of steam, it’s about time we look at the effects it has on your teeth and overall oral health. With seemingly everything becoming digitalized, cigarette smoking is no exception. Vaping is the modern day version of smoking, where old fashion tobacco burning smoke is now […]

Aug 28

Beat Bad Breath: How to Eat Your Way to Fresher Breath

It’s always embarrassing to be caught with bad breath. But let’s face it, bad breath happens, and it happens to everyone. Fact is, most people don’t carry a toothbrush and floss everywhere they go. It’s just not that realistic. So instead of focusing on brushing and flossing more, we want to share in this blog […]

Jul 31

My Tooth Chipped: What To Do When a Dental Emergency Happens

Doesn’t it always seem like emergencies happen during the most inconvenient times? We’re convinced too, bad things only happen when you’re on vacation, late at night, or in places where cell service is non-existent. Unfortunately, dental emergencies pretty much follow this same logic, and as such, there is no way around avoiding them. But that’s […]

Jul 16

Does Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth Affect Adult Teeth?

With summer kicking in full swing and the kids are out of school, many parents are taking advantage and bringing their kids in for checkups! As with most things, early detection and prevention is always the best method of treatment. Although there were many kids that joined our No Cavity Club, there were still too […]

Jun 17

Congratulations, You’re Pregnant !! Now What?

There are a million things to consider when you’re Pregnant. Am I allowed to eat this? Should I drink that? What about my daily interests and activities? These are all important things that require adjustment, and the challenge is figuring out your perfect balance. The health of your unborn baby is the utmost importance, no […]